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Tees Maar Khan (2022) – English Subtitle

Tees Maar Khan (2022) srt file | Tees Maar Khan (2022) Subtitles | Tees Maar Khan (2022) Subtitle | Tees Maar Khan (2022) - English Subtitle


A little fellow and a young lady from two broken families, getting away from abusive behavior at home and barbaric treatment, meet on a game changing evening and immediately structure a bond promising to help one another. She, being the oldest, furnishes him with food, and he commitments to safeguard her. He calls her Amma. The kid initiates himself Tees Maar Khan (Aadi) in the wake of thrashing thirty awful men who pass lecherous remarks at his Amma. As far as he might be concerned, she starts things out, and their affection has no limits. A forlorn police constable embraces these two destitute children, and they become one family. Amma otherwise known as Vasu (Poorna) gets hitched to Chakri (Sunil). Tees Maar Khan develops further youth, runs a rec center and even does minor settlements in his space. On the way to one such settlement, he sees Anaga (Payal Rajput) imitating his dance moves, becomes hopelessly enamored with her, and even joins her school to dazzle her. Parallelly, Gija (Thakur Anoop Singh), a criminal, controls the whole city and extras nobody interfering in his business. However, Ranga Rajan (Srikanth Iyengar), the home clergyman, has different plans and needs to dispense with him at any expense. How did everybody’s ways cross? What are the difficulties Tees Maar Khan needed to confront? How could he turn into a cop? Did he win eventually?

Director: Kalyanji Gogana
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
IMDb: 8.5

Tees Maar Khan (2022) srt file | Tees Maar Khan (2022) Subtitles | Tees Maar Khan (2022) Subtitle | Tees Maar Khan (2022) – English Subtitle has provided subtitles for the movie, Tees Maar Khan (2022), on this page. We understand that sometimes you try to watch interesting movies that are in languages you do not understand or fluent in and we know how frustrating that can be. However if these movies are subtitled, it would make it more interesting for you to watch and that is why we have taken our time to bring you Tees Maar Khan (2022) subtitles.

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